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  • Feature: Generation Equality Rising 1 March 2021
    Every day, through our actions, and in the way we lead, talk, question and act, we challenge norms, transform habits, change laws, take action and inspire others to create a world without gender-based discrimination. We are Generation Equality rising.
    UN Women
  • Explainer: How migration is a gender equality issue 16 December 2020
    Migrant women face pervasive, intersecting forms of discrimination that impact their well-being and safety at all stages of their journey. Explore the various gender impacts.
    UN Women
  • Ad campaign: A spotlight on legal gaps to end violence against women 17 November 2020
    This ad campaign casts a spotlight on the legal gaps that must close as one of the prevention measures needed to end violence against women and girls — which since the onset of the pandemic has become as urgent as ever.
    UN Women
  • Timeline: 20 Years of Women, Peace and Security 21 October 2020
    In the 20 years since its adoption, the women, peace and security agenda has catalyzed crucial advancements for women and girls around the world. But progress has been far from linear. This timeline showcases the major moments, from great successes to shocking setbacks.
    UN Women
  • Explainer: How COVID-19 impacts women and girls 20 May 2020
    A profound shock to our societies and economies, the COVID-19 pandemic underscores society’s reliance on women both on the front line and at home, while simultaneously exposing structural inequalities across every sphere, from health to the economy, security to social protection. Explore these varied impacts and take a quiz to test your knowledge.
    UN Women

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  • “Don’t let anything stand in your way”: An Afghan girl’s message to her peers 12 April 2021
    As my assignment in Afghanistan was coming to an end, I found myself reflecting on two years in this beautiful and troubled land. If there is a common theme from my many missions and discussions, it’s the strength, resilience and selflessness of women here. The mothers and grandmothers and daughters who remind me, in so […]
    Sheema Sen Gupta
  • Reimagining education, together 31 March 2021
    The pandemic has created the biggest upheaval across our societies in living memory. Millions of children and young people have had their education disrupted and if learning losses are not addressed now, it will limit the choice and opportunity for this generation of children and young people – the opportunity to learn, to pursue a […]
    Henrietta H. Fore
  • Breaking gender stereotypes through social media 28 March 2021
    How can we positively impact the self-perception of millions of adolescents in Brazil? I confess that Dove’s call for proposals aimed at strengthening adolescents’ self-esteem and body confidence as part of the Skills4Girls initiative gave me butterflies. The challenge seemed harder considering my country’s racial and ethnic diversity, regional nuances, structural racism, and centuries of […]
    Gabriela Mora
  • Helping girls aspire for more 5 March 2021
    About two years ago, I was meeting a group of adolescent girls and boys in Aravan, a rural area in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, to talk about their lives, their plans and visions for the future. Something that struck me was that girls were very keen on continuing education, learning new skills and building […]
    Jipara Turmamatova
  • The vaccine scramble that risks leaving everyone behind 1 March 2021
    A Joint Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore and ICC Secretary General John Denton. The first weeks of 2021 have resembled a split-screen moment for many of us: the roll out of proven vaccines sparking hope that the worst of the pandemic could soon be over, while fresh waves of infection and viral mutations […]
    Henrietta H. Fore
  • Transporting 1 billion syringes to the world 23 February 2021
    The word unprecedented will always be associated with 2020. For months on end, it was repeated on TV, in newspapers and by friends and family to describe the pandemic and its effects on people in every corner of the world. As the head of the Medical Devices Unit in UNICEF Supply Division, 2021 is shaping […]
    Robert Matthews
  • Despite the odds, green shoots of hope are growing in South Africa 3 February 2021
    One year ago, when the scale of the challenges ahead of a pre-COVID-19 South Africa was not clear, a group of inspiring people came together in Salt River, Cape Town, to meet with the local community. The annual International Public Art Festival was coming up in February 2020, and NGO partners Progress and Bazart, as […]
    Mayke Huijbregts
  • An Afghan mother’s wishes for her unborn baby girl 28 January 2021
    My lovely baby, I haven’t met you yet but I already know how beautiful you are — with your dark eyes, smiling face, soft, brown hair and golden heart. I have dreamed of having you my entire life. I count the days and nights until I will finally hold you in my arms and love […]
    Arifa Omid
  • Humanitarian action: Amplifying voices through digital platforms 22 December 2020
      It is August in Nigeria, the rainy season. The Borno camp has pools of water scattered around and children are kicking at the water. Their laughter ripples through the air. Community volunteers and mobilizers are seated under a tent next to the camp clinic. Their phones are out as they wait to voice their […]
    Fatou Wurie
  • I spent my first days in the NICU; I got lucky 13 December 2020
    Twenty-five tiny newborns were crammed three and four to a bed. The only sink was filled with dirty water with no soap in sight. An empty bottle of hand sanitizer hung from a string on the door. The scene before me in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a major hospital in Ethiopia wasn’t […]
    Lindsay Denny

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  • What to Know About the Dutch Housing Crisis 17 April 2021
    The Netherlands is a small country in western Europe. Its population is beginning to outstrip the amount of available and affordable housing. There is an overall housing shortage of more than 300,000 homes in the Netherlands. Additionally, the homeless population has grown by more than 70% in the past decade. Some social housing waiting lists […]
    Rebecca Bertnard
  • Mental Health in The Bahamas 17 April 2021
    Hurricane Dorian was the strongest hurricane to touch land in The Bahamas, leaving destruction in its wake. While recovering from Hurricane Dorian, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, placing mental health in The Bahamas in a state its people have never seen before. Hurricane Dorian’s Impact on Mental Health Hurricane Dorian left scars not only on the […]
    Sarah Frazer
  • Addressing Human Trafficking in Sudan 17 April 2021
    Even with recent efforts to eradicate human trafficking in the impoverished country of Sudan, progress is still necessary. The nation still receives several cases of child smuggling reports every year. To fully comprehend the severity of this issue, one must first look at the recorded history of human trafficking in Sudan. History of Trafficking in […]
    Alyssa Ranola
  • 3 Sustainable South American Clothing Brands 17 April 2021
    Many young entrepreneurs in South America have employed local craftsmanship and design to create beautiful garments under ethical circumstances. These three sustainable South American clothing brands are not only exclusively elevating the fashion industry in the region, but are also providing jobs to locals. VOZ – Santiago, Chile The first of the South American clothing […]
    Nisaa DuFour
  • Addressing Water Scarcity in Mexico City 16 April 2021
    Mexico City is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere with about 22 million residents. Additionally, the city uses a lot of water. Mexico City draws on a vast sub-surface aquifer to supply water to millions of residents. Water scarcity in Mexico City continues to increase due to the aquifer shrinking every year. The Problem […]
    Kayla Randolph


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