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  • Infographic: Snapshot - Generation Equality Forum 2021 2 July 2021
    Convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France, in partnership with youth and civil society in 2021, the Generation Equality Forum set out to fuel investment and transformative actions to achieve gender equality.
    UN Women
  • Infographic: Women's rights and the law 1 July 2021
    Over 2.5 billion women and girls around the world are affected by discriminatory laws and the lack of legal protections, often in multiple ways. Strong legal frameworks must be put in place to advance gender equality in all areas, and priority must be given to implementing those laws and monitoring their impact as prerequisites to […]
    UN Women
  • Feature: Generation Equality Rising 1 March 2021
    Every day, through our actions, and in the way we lead, talk, question and act, we challenge norms, transform habits, change laws, take action and inspire others to create a world without gender-based discrimination. We are Generation Equality rising.
    UN Women
  • Explainer: How migration is a gender equality issue 16 December 2020
    Migrant women face pervasive, intersecting forms of discrimination that impact their well-being and safety at all stages of their journey. Explore the various gender impacts.
    UN Women
  • Ad campaign: A spotlight on legal gaps to end violence against women 17 November 2020
    This ad campaign casts a spotlight on the legal gaps that must close as one of the prevention measures needed to end violence against women and girls — which since the onset of the pandemic has become as urgent as ever.
    UN Women

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  • Early moments matter in co-parenting: A letter from a new mother to her son 2 August 2021
    Dear Leo, It has been six months since you came into this world like a whirlwind, turning your dad and me into confused-but-never-been-happier parents. We were warned many times about how life would change after your arrival, but it wasn’t until that magical moment when we held you for the first time, that we could […]
    Soledad Herrero
  • Time to care – supporting parents and families through family-friendly policies 1 July 2021
    When the COVID-19 virus began spreading in the spring of 2020, it hit Jessica Yanina Aveldano, a 30-year-old single mother in Argentina, especially hard. “I have multiple jobs because with one, the income isn’t enough,” Aveldano explained.  “On weekends I have to do a double shift at a bakery and my children have to come […]
    Carolina Aulicino
  • Collectively projecting an equitable, diverse, inclusive digital and innovation revolution 29 June 2021
    Five years. That’s 1,825 sunrises, 43,800 hours and 2.6 million minutes to progress towards changing the face and reach of technology and innovation. The clock starts ticking at the Generation Equality Forum this week. Heads of State, corporate and philanthropic CEOs, civil society leaders and youth activists will convene to make tangible and ambitious five-year […]
    Fayaz King
  • Giving children a voice against violence – the role of faith actors 18 June 2021
    When Deaconess Juliet Eneh spoke at the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities’ (JLI) recent series on child participation, her message was clear: when children have a voice, violence against children goes down.  It was this reasoning that led her to help establish Christ Care. This mentoring program educates Nigerian children about protecting […]
    JLI EVAC Learning Hub
  • Where are the girls and why it matters as schools reopen? 16 June 2021
    “Where are the girls?” It’s a question that is asked too much when stepping into classrooms around the world. And the further up the school years we go, the more the question bounces around an echo chamber. Massive strides have been made in girls’ education. Between 1995 and 2018, 180 million more girls enrolled in […]
    Wongani Grace Taulo
  • Vaccinating the world against a virus: What it will take 11 June 2021
    We are living through an unprecedented moment in time. With COVID-19 vaccine procurement and delivery underway, we are in the midst of a global health effort unlike what many of us have seen. But in some ways, we have been here before – with polio. In the early part of the twentieth century, few diseases […]
    Meghan Doetschman
  • Eliminating a silent killer — maternal and neonatal tetanus 10 June 2021
    In March 2018, I visited Narok County in south-west Kenya. I was there as part of a WHO team to monitor and validate that maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) had been eliminated. As part of this work, I visited a home in a remote village. The house was perched on top of a hill and […]
    Dr. Azhar Abid Raza
  • Together, we shall overcome 7 May 2021
    Day after day our screens are filled with harrowing images of hospitals overrun, lines of people waiting desperately for a hospital bed or oxygen for a loved one. As the number of cases keeps climbing, the threat inches ever closer to home, family members, colleagues, friends, and neighbours. I feel so helpless right now. Helpless […]
    Jessinda Mathew
  • 12 months on, the eerily familiar sounds of the pandemic 7 May 2021
    March 2020. India had recently completed a massive vaccination campaign of more than 300 million children against measles and rubella – two potentially life-threatening diseases. I was posted to New York for a health communications assignment which involved sharing my experiences from the public health communication drive that had helped make the campaign a success. […]
    Sonia Sarkar
  • On the 10th anniversary of Girls in ICT Day, let’s reimagine education 22 April 2021
    When we celebrated International Girls in ICT Day a year ago, we were at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, expecting it to be a short-term “blip”. For many of us, online meetings – complete with “you’re on mute” – were still a novelty. As the pandemic loomed over us, digital connectivity was enabling learning […]
    Robert Jenkins

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  • Technology Aids the Construction of Refugee Shelters 3 August 2021
    COVID-19’s impact on Bangladesh has greatly affected not only the population of 166 million people but also Bangladesh’s 1.1 million Displaced Rohingya People (DRP). When COVID-19 halted the construction of disaster shelters for the DRP, the World Bank and the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) uniquely partnered to remotely design the complex structures. Through this […]
    Sarah Frazer
  • A Closer Look at USAID Programs in Guinea 3 August 2021
    According to the World Bank, 35% of people in Guinea lived below the international poverty line in 2012, meaning they subsisted on less than $1.90 a day. Around 55% of Guineans lived below the country’s national poverty line in the same year. The U.S. began providing aid to Guinea through the United States Agency for […]
    Ellie Bamer
  • The Benefits of Clean Cooking Initiatives 3 August 2021
    For most people, their day starts with tea or coffee followed by a light breakfast, available with minimum effort. For those less fortunate, this simple morning routine requires hours of backbreaking labor. Solid cooking fuels like wood and coal are necessities in much of the world, but in addition to contributing to climate change, they […]
    Melissa Barrientos
  • The Untapped Potential of Female Labor in Pakistan 3 August 2021
    The Karachi branch of Caritas Pakistan works to provide technical assistance and job training to the women of small Pakistani farms in several villages as part of its Acre for Women campaign. The campaign’s goal is to leverage the untapped potential of female labor in Pakistan. Providing training and opportunities to women will expand food […]
    Sydney Thiroux
  • 3 Tech “Unicorns” Increase Financial Inclusivity in Africa 2 August 2021
    With more than half of the world’s registered mobile money accounts in Africa, the market for financial technology startups is steadily increasing on the continent. By streamlining, simplifying and speeding up trade and transfers, digital payment platforms are helping expand access to financial services and avoid high transaction costs typically charged by banks. As smartphone […]
    Venus Wang


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