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  • Timeline: 20 Years of Women, Peace and Security 21 October 2020
    In the 20 years since its adoption, the women, peace and security agenda has catalyzed crucial advancements for women and girls around the world. But progress has been far from linear. This timeline showcases the major moments, from great successes to shocking setbacks.
    UN Women
  • Explainer: How COVID-19 impacts women and girls 20 May 2020
    A profound shock to our societies and economies, the COVID-19 pandemic underscores society’s reliance on women both on the front line and at home, while simultaneously exposing structural inequalities across every sphere, from health to the economy, security to social protection. Explore these varied impacts and take a quiz to test your knowledge.
    UN Women
  • Unpaid care work: Your daily load and why it matters 13 May 2020
    From domestic chores to caring for loved ones, unpaid care work is the back bone of thriving families, communities and economies. There’s one universal truth: When it comes to unpaid work, not everyone is in the same boat. What does your boat look like? Find out.
    UN Women
  • Colouring pack: Visualizing Generation Equality 28 April 2020
    Looking for ways to raise a feminist or to keep your kids entertained in quarantine? Encourage the next generation of activists by making gender equality a creative learning activity. From sharing the care load to women taking charge, explore the world of Generation Equality with these printable colouring sheets for children of all ages.
    UN Women
  • Infographic: The Shadow Pandemic - Violence Against Women and Girls and COVID-19 6 April 2020
    In times of crisis, violence against women and girls is likely to increase as security, health, and money worries heighten tensions and strains are accentuated by cramped and confined living conditions.
    UN Women

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  • Reopening schools in Uruguay during a health emergency 26 October 2020
    2020 has been a very peculiar year. I started working as an Education Officer in UNICEF Uruguay at the end of January. One month later, a new President assumed office. Two weeks after that, the first case of COVID-19 was detected, and the President declared a national emergency and closed all schools. We switched to […]
    Julia Perez Zorrilla
  • Reimagining education in Timor-Leste: Learning Passport 20 October 2020
    COVID-19 has upended everything in Timor-Leste, but it has also been a catalyst for experimentation and rethinking how the education system works. It’s been the most exciting time of my career, to seize the opportunity to do so much to transform how the education system works in just a few short months. I feel like […]
    Maria Lujan Tubio
  • South Africa: COVID-19, schools reopening and digital learning 19 October 2020
    COVID-19 has jolted a South African education sector that has not seen a mass disruption of learning on this scale. An immediate, coordinated response was required. The strategic relationships we had built with key influencers in government and quasi-government bodies came in handy. Through a phone call with the CEO of the National Education Collaboration […]
    Wycliffe Otieno
  • Let’s convert unpayable debt into investments for children 19 October 2020
    Article co-authored by Henrietta Fore (Executive Director of UNICEF) and Kevin Watkins (Chief Executive of Save the Children UK), first published in El País newspaper on Sunday 18th October. At the height of Africa’s debt crisis in the mid-1980s, Tanzania’s then President, Julius Nyerere, asked his country’s creditors a simple question: “Should we starve our […]
    Henrietta H. Fore
  • To my 15-year-old self 9 October 2020
    To my 15-year-old self, Your shyness makes it hard for you to speak up and have others hear your voice but know when you are passionate about something your words will tumble out! You have such big dreams studying science, technology, space and math. Stay firm in that commitment to be shoulder to shoulder to […]
    Henrietta H. Fore
  • The time for a child mental health revolution is now 8 October 2020
    “Tell my wife I love her.” The last words spoken by an Italian pensioner isolated in the ICU early in the COVID-19 pandemic echo the anguish and loss of families and children the world over. With global fatalities surpassing the one million mark and total cases nearing 36 million, we are living through the biggest […]
    Benjamin Perks
  • A digital platform of ideas for child-focused Sustainable Development Goals 29 September 2020
    Our global community has been fundamentally impacted by COVID-19. Although we are yet to fully understand the impact of the pandemic on our younger generations, this much is certain: children could suffer from the consequences for years to come. More than ever, we need innovative and equitable solutions to ensure their health, well-being and rights […]
    Uyen Kim Huynh
  • Budgeting for a better future, for every child 28 September 2020
    2020 has not turned out as planned. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact populations around the world, governments have been forced to take a fresh look at their spending and how to meet additional costs of pandemic response as they expect a fall in revenue. Budget information has become even more critical. Critical knowledge […]
    Joanne Bosworth
  • Coping with COVID-19: A pandemic through girls’ eyes 23 July 2020
    “People here are scared because COVID-19 does not have any known cure.” Madhu, Nepal  “I miss my friends quite a bit.” Antsa, Madagascar In the last few months, our lives have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. For girls around the world, this has meant facing increasing threats to their safety and well-being, including harmful […]
    Nankali Maksud
  • My ONE LOVE includes giving 8 July 2020
    One Love. One Heart. Bob Marley’s everlasting message about the power of love and solidarity is more important than ever as families face the COVID-19 pandemic and millions call for equality. Until 31 August 2020, jewelry brand Pandora will match every dollar donated to the One Love activation, up to US$1 million. Donate here. I’m […]
    ML Lalonde

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  • Networks Unlimited Africa Promotes Education in Tembisa 29 October 2020
    Networks Unlimited Africa, an innovative IT company situated in Africa, made a generous donation to the Nokuphila School. The school is located in Tembisa, a region in South Africa, and it’s affiliated with the Love Trust organization. Love Trust is a South African organization that provides education to underprivileged children in the area, and the […]
    Kim Thelwell
  • What to know about Healthcare in Mali 29 October 2020
    Mali has suffered from the presence of terrorist groups in its north and western regions, lethal diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, and a coup d’etat in the past two decades. These circumstances have created a strained and ineffective healthcare system. Mali’s infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world and average doctor […]
    Kim Thelwell
  • Child Vision: Glasses for Developing Countries 29 October 2020
    A variety of NGOs have been working for decades to provide glasses for developing countries. Most models for this operate in similar ways, either by donating glasses or offering low-cost glasses for communities to purchase. These programs have been successful in helping people correct their vision, as well as creating more education and economic opportunity. […]
  • 5 Podcasts Bringing Attention to Foreign Policy 29 October 2020
    Over the years, there has been a shift in popularity from traditional media to mass media outlets—specifically podcasts. Whether for entertainment or education, podcasts help leave listeners with engaging and insightful information. Here are five podcasts bringing attention to foreign policy and international relations in the United States. 5 Podcasts Bringing Attention to Foreign Policy […]
    Kim Thelwell
  • Poverty and Language Extinction 29 October 2020
    Endangered languages are classified by the Endangered Language Project as languages that are not spoken by many or any young people and whose native speakers are elderly or have passed away. When older speakers of a language do not or cannot teach that language to their children, that language eventually ceases to exist. The loss […]
    Kim Thelwell


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