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The International Cooperative Alliance is the voice of cooperatives worldwide 

It was established in 1895 to promote the cooperative model. Today cooperative members represent at least 12% of humanity. As businesses driven by values and not by the remuneration of capital, the 3 million cooperatives on earth act together to build a better world.

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The ICA has an excellent resource centre that complements that of the ILO


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International Cooperative Banking Association

1922, as International Cooperative Banking Committee — Comité international des banques coopératives, with membership from 7 European consumer cooperative banks. In 1964 membership was opened to all cooperative banks and central cooperative credit organizations directly or indirectly affiliated to International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), of which it is a specialized body. Following 28th ICA Congress, 1984, Hamburg (Germany FR), became an international specialized organization of ICA, with the title International Co-operative Alliance Central Banking Committee — Comité central des banques coopératives de l’Alliance coopérative internationale or ICA Central Banking Committee — Comité central bancaire de l’ACI; also sometimes referred to as International Association of Cooperative Banks — Association internationale coopérative bancaire. Present name adopted 1992.

As on 14-10-2019 the ICBA has 33 members representing the cooperative banking & financial services sector

You can find the list of members here