Engaging and Empowering Communities to Create Change

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Engaging and Empowering Communities to Create Change and to Believe in their Futures

More than at any time in the past, it will be essential to mobilise at a local level, Millennials, Gen-Z can play an important role in mobilising local level communities and moreover to link them into others with similar interests. In the past mass movements such as the Suffragettes. Workers Movements, Environmental groups, Human Rights Movement in the USA, Anti-Apartheid in South Africa have been successful in mobilising mass engagement. To mitigate the massive problems of the CONVID-19 aftermath will require the mobilisation at a local level to then unite in a global common cause to ensure the solutions are for the many and not the few. Many approaches are available: among others, the Theatre of the Oppressed, for example

The Mandela Centre for Change

What they do and how they work

Mandela Center for Change

The Theatre of the Oppressed New York City
Types of theatres of the oppressed similarities and differences
An Italian based international example
Water Democracy

Examples from South Africa and other countries

Food sovereignty and security

Eaxmaples internationally

International youth exchanges
The Barefoot College
Worker rights

Examples from global supply chains


Ideas for mobilising and to promote change

The fundamental idea is to find cohesion around a common cause to benefit the local community and eventually society at large. Here we would like to exchange ideas on empowering communities and groups to create change