The basic idea that we can learn from our own and collective histories. It could be impressions (at whatever age) of visiting a place of cultural interest, your family local traditions and folklore, socio-economic conditions, how you travelled to school or in general with your family. What did you do in your free time with friends as a child. Did you grow your own food, how and where. The list can go on. Post your short story or stories/experiences fr us to enjoy and draw some inspiration on what are values-traditions that could be used to inspire our idea of the world we want.

These can be short or longer posts with an attachment of necessary. The idea is that we will look at the feasibility of posting them on YouTube

Some thoughts on stories to tell

Childhood memories

Stories handed down from grandparents and parents

Access to resources


Environmental changes



Technology – including appropriate low-cost technology

Stories relating to gender


Justice and safety

2 thoughts on “Storytelling

  1. I can remember the night that I received the news that J.F. Kennedy had been assasinated. Our neighbour had climbed over the fence to tell us. At the time we didn’t have a tlevision. The neighbour was one of the bus drivers who would drive us to school. A topic to build on.

  2. As a child, we used to grow most of our food. We lived in a new post. WW II council house that had a large garden. My father would dig a long trench into which we placed our organic waste. It would then be covered when 50% full and another trench dug. Because he worked on the railways, we also had a large garden for producing food. Additional food such as eggs and chickens would be provided from the water tower at the station where my father was a station master. He would occasionally catch freash water fish. The local community would also go fruit and potato picking. some of the work would be paid in kind.